Horace is a giant. Tiny is an elf. One day, the two of them meet and become friends instantly. They find that although they are different, they have a lot in common.
They love to explore, going on many adventures together. Along the way they meet different people from different races, a herd of talking unicorns, and a family of fidgets.
This tale is sure to be enjoyed by both young and old. Each chapter is a new adventure which can be read as a bedtime story, or read the whole book as one big adventure. Come along and join the fun.


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Luralye is in danger. Snarflinches are threatening to flood the land with Glop. A group of Humans set out to stop them with the help of Necrions, magical creatures mysteriously tied to Luralye and the Glop. Can they make it in time?

Luralye is a fantasy tale for middle school readers and up.

Kindle version available
NOOK version available


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