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The Dark Corner
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A hiding place for things that go bump in the night.

I have a few stories added to the site that may give you goosebumps. If you are into ghost stories, check out "The Key." If being alone creeps you out, you should enjoy "The Stained-Glass Window." Or if feasting on human flesh is more your speed, be sure to read "Wendigo."
No matter what your taste, I'm sure you'll find something here to give you nightmares.

I am setting up a site for showcasing my horror writing. As soon as it's ready I'll add the link here and on the Links page.

Attention Horror Writers:

There is a new website just for you! Come join other horror writers to discuss, workshop, learn, and just have fun. You can enter the CannibalCookoff Horror Short Contest, or read the stories entered by others.

So come on over. The Blood Pudding is to die for!






If you are into the paranormal, I have a treat for you. I am Co-Founder of The Kentucky Ladies Paranormal Society, a paranormal investigation group in Western Kentucky. You can see evidence on our site, both pictures and EVPs. You can also check us out on YouTube and Facebook.

If you enjoy talking about the paranormal, either in real life or in entertainment, then come join our forum.

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