Susie Smith's Children's Stories

Character Bios

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The Great Adventures of Horace and Tiny


Horace is a giant. He is so big, even the other giants are afraid of him. He is 297 years old, which is fairly young for a giant. Even though everyone is afraid of him, he is a very kind giant.


Tiny is an elf. He is so much smaller than the other elves, everyone teases him. He is 24 years old, which is very young for an elf. Even though everyone is mean to him, he is always kind and never looses his sense of humor.

The Craftsmen

The craftsmen make all sorts of things, from jewelry to statues to inventions. The best of which, according to Tiny, is a giant chicken statue. The worst was metal pants (who came up with that idea anyway?). You never know what they will come up with next.


The unicorns are magical creatures that live in an enchanted forest. The forest is hidden in a valley between mountains because they hide from the trolls who hunt them for their golden horns and hooves. Their leader is the stallion. He protects and cares for the rest of the herd, as well as any kind creatures who happen to find their forest.


Fidgets are furry creatures that live in fallen trees. They are the size of a cat, brown in color, and look like a cross between a rabbit and a squirrel. Their favorite food is nako nuts, which grow in the woods where Horace and Tiny live. They are shy and hard to find, but incredibly cute and worth the effort of finding them. Although they don't live long in captivity, some hunters trap them and sell them as pets.


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