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Here you will find links to first chapters of my stories. Please enjoy these peeks into my books. Don't forget to leave comments in my guestbook or drop me an email.

When Horace the giant and Tiny the elf become friends, they begin a great many fascinating adventures.
Snarflinches are threatening to flood Luralye with Glop. Will they be stopped in time?
Boofus is a little, blue alien but his life is much like yours. He and his friends enjoy playing in the back yard or swimming in the glipix pool.
Barkley the penguin gets lost on Christmas Eve. Will anyone find him in time?
Is the new house haunted? Did she unlock horrors when she opened the door hidden under the basement stairs?
Can a girl survive the mental anguish of living alone for years? Her kidnappers refuse to even speak to her. Her only comfort is talking to the lady in the stained glass window.
Mountan climbing can be dangerous, especially when there is the possibility of an avalanche. After surviving by eating his friends, is he turning into a Wendigo?


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