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The frostbitten ranges of the Yukon were harsh and unforgiving. Tom couldn’t for the life of him figure out why they had decided to take a vacation in such an inhospitable place. The four friends now found themselves trapped by ice and snow. If the rescue party didn’t come soon, they would all die.

The cave Devin had found proved to be a safe haven from the cold. It was a bit eerie with the light from the glow sticks as the only illumination, but at least it was dry. If they had supplies, they could have lasted all winter there. Ted lost the food rations in the avalanche, and now the men faced starvation.



On the third morning, Ted woke the others. “Guys, hey guys, I think Mike’s dead. He’s not breathing.”

Devin sleepily sat up. “What are you talking about?”

“Mike’s not breathing. He’s blue and really cold.” Ted’s voice shook with the words.

Tom was sitting up, staring at Mike’s body. “I hate to even think it, but Mike could save our lives. We won’t last much longer without food.”

Ted positioned himself between Tom and Mike. “Are you crazy? You’re talking about eating our friend! We can’t do that!”

“He’s right,” Devin had a far-away look in his eyes. “We don’t know when or if help is coming, and they‘ll never find us as long as we‘re buried in this cave. With the shape we’re in now, there’s no way we can dig anymore. We have to eat something or we’ll all die.”

Ted scowled at them. “There is no way I am eating another human being. I would rather starve.”

“Then we’ll eat you next.” Tom said calmly, a vacant expression on his face.

Ted watched in disgust as the other two feasted on Mike.

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